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Documents Included

  • Revocable Living Trust (for a married couple, the software automatically determines the correct type of trust — whether a “simple trust”, a “disclaimer trust”, an “A/B trust” or a “Q-Tip trust”)

  • “Pour-Over” Will

  • Certification of Trust

  • Declaration of Trust

  • Assignment of Personal Property

  • General Durable Power of Attorney

  • Health Care Powers (including a “Living Will and Mental Health Care Power of Attorney”) which are HIPAA compliant

  • Burial Instructions

  • Distribution of Personal Property Instruction Form

  • Deed for Residence (if needed)

  • Deed for other Real Property (if needed)

  • Deed for Mineral/Oil & Gas Interests (if needed)

  • Letter of Instructions to Bank

  • Letters of Instruction for Brokers, Mutual Funds and Direct Registration Accounts (if needed)

  • Stock Powers and transmittal letters for stock certificates held by you (if needed)

  • Letters of Instruction for Life Insurance, IRA’s and Annuities (if needed)

  • Assignments for Business Interests, General and Limited Partnerships, LLC’s, Notes and Deeds of Trusts, etc. (again, if needed)

  • Affidavit of Death of Joint Tenant (if property is still held in Joint Tenancy with a deceased spouse)

  • Explanation of Estate Planning Provisions

  • Signing Instructions

  • Funding Instructions (for after-acquired assets)

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