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Dealing with the grief of losing a loved one is difficult.

While you cope with the emotional challenges of someone’s passing, it can be difficult to handle the legal challenges of probate as well. You do not have to navigate the complex and confusing probate system alone. 

Probate is the public process of filing and validating a will in court. The probate process allows claimants to come forward and ask for payment of debts owed by the estate. The probate court will oversee the distribution of the assets in the estate either according to the terms of a valid will or under North Dakota law if there is no will. Some assets avoid probate including:

  • Life insurance and annuity contracts with a valid beneficiary designation

  • Valid gifts made prior to death

  • Assets held in joint tenancy with rights of survivorship

  • Retirement plans and IRA’s with valid beneficiaries

  • Assets held in living trusts

At Chad Anderson Law Firm, we are always mindful of your needs, especially during extremely difficult and emotionally trying times. This is especially true when one of your family members or loved ones passes away. Email or call for a free consultation with an experienced Probate attorney in North Dakota.

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