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Dealing with the grief of losing a loved one is difficult.

While you cope with the emotional challenges of someone’s passing, it can be difficult to handle the legal challenges of probate as well. You do not have to navigate the complex and confusing probate system alone. 

At Chad Anderson Law Firm, we are always mindful of your needs, especially during extremely difficult and emotionally trying times. This is especially true when one your family member or loved one passes away. Email or call for a free consultation with an experienced Probate attorney in North Dakota.



Even with sacrifice and struggle, climbing out of debt can be difficult. Experiencing a job loss or downturn in the economy or a specific field can make the task impossible.

While attempting to redistribute debts to support your family or run your business, bills can pile up. Creditors will continue to harass you, and you can face severe consequences, such as the foreclosure of your home.We offer strategic advocacy and counsel to help individuals, families and businesses get out of debt through bankruptcy solutions.

If you are struggling to make ends meet and feel overwhelmed by creditors or the looming possibility of foreclosure, we can help you seek the fresh start you need to achieve financial independence. Email or call for a free consultation with an experienced Bankruptcy attorney in North Dakota.


Estate Planning

Selecting a qualified estate planning attorney who will take the time to listen to your goals and convert those goals into the proper form is an essential part of this process.

Schedule a meeting to begin the estate planning process or email / call for a free consultation with an experienced Estate Planning attorney in North Dakota.

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Chad Anderson Law Firm is focused on providing prompt and efficient legal services clients across the state of North Dakota. The primary focus of the practice will be in Bankruptcy, Debtor/Creditor Law, Estate Planning, and Probate Law. 

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